How to Steal a Million

IMDb 7.6 123 min
Comedy, Romance, Crime
Audrey Hepburn, Peter Otoole, Eli Wallach, Marcel Dalio, Hugh Griffith, Charles Boyer, Fernand Gravey, Jacques Marin
William Wyler
United States
7.2 / 81 times
Charles Bonnet, the latest in a long line of master art forgers, loans one of his best works, a faux Cellini Venus, to a Paris museum despite his daughter Nicole's objections. Later, Nicole surprises a tuxedo-clad burglar in her father's workshop. She can't call the police because her father's hobby might be discovered, so she ends up driving the man--Simon Dermott--back to his hotel. Dermott is actually an inspector who is gathering evidence against Bonnet, but his attraction to Nicole complicates the assignment. Nicole learns that the museum plans to conduct a test on the Venus for insurance purposes, which she knows will expose the statue as a fake. To save her father from jail, she asks Simon to steal it, unaware of his true identity. Simon, intrigued by the challenge and now smitten with Miss Bonnet, agrees to the proposal.