Eagle vs Shark

IMDb 6.8 88 min
Comedy, Romance
Jemaine Clement, Joel Tobeck, Rachel House, Craig Hall, Brian Sergent, Loren Taylor, Morag Hills, Bernard Stewart
Taika Waititi
New Zealand
6.8 / 9 times
In New Zealand, Lily McKinnon, a shy waif who beats to her own drummer, works as a clerk at a Meaty Boy fast food joint, with her only true friend being her brother, Damon McKinnon. She does whatever she can to ensure that a customer who regularly comes into Meaty Boy just after noon is waited on by her in her attraction to him. He is mullet-topped Jarrod Lowe, a video game geek who works at a local mall's Screen Blasterz electronics shop, he too who beats to his own drummer. Lily believes they are destined to be together in part because they both have moles on their upper lip. After Lily is laid off (in reality, fired) due to "downsizing" and thus may no longer see Jarrod on that regular basis, she does whatever she can to insert herself into his life, despite he clear that he is attracted instead to Lily's colleague, Jenny. In the process, Lily and Jarrod do become a couple. As such, she accompanies him to his seaside hometown on what has long been his mission: to get back at the "big Samoan", Eric Elisi, who bullied him in school. Jarrod, who has been in training, learns that Eric will soon be coming home, then when Jarrod plans to challenge him to a school yard brawl. On this trip, Lily meets Jarrod's family - one important member who Jarrod failed to mention beforehand - who are equally as eccentric as him, and with who he has somewhat of a dysfunctional relationship in Jarrod's now deceased brother Gordon Lowe being the favored one in the family. A path to a happily-ever-after between Lily and Jarrod is not a smooth or certain one largely due to Jarrod's own insecurities. What does happen between the two is largely affected by what happens concerning the fight.