Agatha Christie's Miss Marple: Sleeping Murder

IMDb 7.7 102 min
Drama, Crime, Mystery
John Bennett, John Moulder Brown, Joan Hickson, Geraldine Alexander, Frederick Treves, Jean Anderson, Terrence Hardiman, Geraldine Newman
John Davies
United States, United Kingdom, Australia
7.1 / 30 times
BBC TV adaption of the Agatha Christie's novel. A young recently married woman, Gwenda Reed, comes back to England after living most of her life in New Zealand. While her husband, Giles, is out of the country she buys a house for them and starts recalling memories which make her start to think that perhaps she had lived in the house before. It's only then, while dining out with friends, that a chance remark triggered off a frightening memory, as a little girl, looking down at a woman's body and the murderer with "monkey paws" hands. Gwenda is determined to find out the sources of this memory. The killer, thought that he/she was safe after eighteen years and is prepared to kill to cover up the past. But Gwenda has help as one of her dining friends is Raymond West, who has a very special Aunt who is willing to help Gwenda - Miss Jane Marple...